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As an addition to the educational activities and training of highly qualified specialists, the Gdynia Maritime University is conducting the research and the research-development activities.

Research conducted in four faculties: Navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Quality Science, is financed under the domestic  program of the National Science Centre in Krakow and National Research and Development Centre in Warsaw.

Gdynia Maritime University is also implementing projects under the programs funded by the European Union.

With the grants of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are funded the research tasks that lead to the implementation of the GMU statutory activities.

The researchers choosing topics for their projects are referring to the priority areas and directions of research. The Gdynia Maritime University conducts research and development projects, among others in the following areas: protection of marine and coastal infrastructure, particularly sea ports, improvement of maritime safety, diagnostic of ship machinery and systems, marine and industrial electrical engineering, power engineering, electronics and telecommunication, commodity and environmental protection, information systems and also in the field of the country’s defense and security.

The research results are the basis for the preparation of opinions and expertise, especially for enterprises and government institutions in the area of ​​maritime affairs.

Moreover, the Gdynia Maritime University is a member of the technology platforms, technology transfer centers, innovation centers and consortia of research and science and technology.

The undertaken research activities contribute to the development of the University’s scientific potential. The research results are presented in national and foreign universities, and numerous articles are published in prestigious scientific journals.

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