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Gdynia Maritime Academy has been participating in the international programme ERASMUS since 1998, coordinating and organizing the exchange of students and didactic staff. It has been also involved in elaborating and implementing ECTS, preparing curricula, syllabuses and modules. The aim of Erasmus is raising the quality of education in the countries participating in the programme by expanding the international cooperation between higher education institutions and supporting the mobility of students and university workers (more in Erasmus charter for Higher Education).



ECTS Packages – Study Programmes


[Navigation - Courses in English 2017-2018]   

[Transport - Courses in English 2017-2018]  


Marine Engineering

[Marine Engineering - Courses in English 2017-2018]   


Marine Electrical Engineering

[Electrotechnics - Courses in English 2017-2018 Fall semester]  

[Electrotechnics - Courses in English 2017-2018 Spring semester]   



Entrepreneurship and Quality Science

[E&QS - Courses in English 2017-2018

[E&QS - Courses in Englilsh in Spring semester 2017-2018]




The documents (application, learning agreement, etc) must be filled in on the computer and scanned properly (scanned in good quality, not photographed).

The documents with handwrtiting will not be accepted.

All your documents shall be sent together in one email message.




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